CBD Oil Flavors: Comparing Lemon and Peach

Lemon and peach extracts have nutritional properties and are frequently recommended in many cleansing diets. Living Naturals tinctures are made with real fruit extracts for enhanced flavor and additional benefits that promote balance and well-being. Living Naturals Lemon CBD Oil is an energizing formula that is best used during the day. It’s made with rice […]

How CBD Works

CBD benefits chart

While CBD and its near sibling THC have many of the same therapeutic effects, the two chemicals function in the body in completely different ways. CBD, unlike THC, does not impair mental or physical function in the majority of users, even at very high doses. CBD works with the body functions to refresh, repair, and […]

CBD and Yoga: A Perfect Combination

Yoga as stress relief

Yoga and stress management can help reduce the symptoms of stress. Then, when you combine CBD and yoga, you get the perfect combination for stress relief. Yoga poses and breathing techniques can also help you manage stress and calm you down. A yoga instructor can teach you exercises for reducing stress caused by a busy, […]

8 Handcare Options For Painful Hands

handcare options

Hand and wrist pain is usually not a serious issue and will settle in a few days or weeks with some simple handcare you can do at home. Non-Surgical Handcare Options For Painful Hands and Wrists Stretching Exercises: Get your hand’s tendons and muscles moving in the right direction. If you experience ongoing pain, it […]

How CBD Helps Pets

cbd helps dogs

Did you know how CBD helps pets? CBD can help our furry friends in many ways! Like what, you ask? Well for starters it can help relieve inflammation associated with sore muscles or stiff joints as dogs have an Endocannabinoid System that works with the CBD to give a full-body relaxation. CBD is a natural […]

Top Reasons CBD Gummies Are Awesome

Easy to administer: CBD gummies are awesome because they are super easy administer and can be done so discreetly. Tasty treat: Gummies offer a sweet, juicy alternative to oils and smokeable flower. Precise dosing: Take one or take a few, the cbd in the gummy is precisely measured for easy dosing. It is important to […]

4 CBD Topicals Types

Salve: CBD salve is a topical applied to targeted areas to provide relief by communicating with your body’s neurotransmitters. These receptors can block pain and reduce inflammation. Salve can also be applied to skin for the relief of certain skin conditions. Spray: CBD spray can be applied by spraying directly onto the affected areas of […]

5 Ways CBD Can Help Your Pet

Fireworks: CBD can help calm pets around fireworks. It is important to administer the CBD a few hours prior the the event whenever possible. This will allow time for the CBD to work its way through your pet’s digestive system. Roadtrips: Thinking of taking your pet on vacation? Don’t forget to pack the CBD to […]

6 Uses For CBD Oil

Sublingually – The most common way to take CBD is by applying it under the tongue. The trick is to hold it there for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. This will allow the CBD to quickly absorb into your bloodstream. Topically – If you run out of salve, you can massage CBD oil directly onto your […]